Conversion Rate Optimization strategy

Your website gets lots of visitors but the end-users are not interested in buying any of your products. Why? Our SEO experts do the best analytics and do better CRO for your websites to grow your website visitors into buyers. At Search rewards, we provide complete conversion rate optimization (CRO) services in Coimbatore. We can help our clients in improving the results by proper implementation of a conversion optimization strategy. We do and run A/B split test, multivariate tests for your website to better CRO. Our design and development team can create perfect landing pages that convert the visits into leads and conversions.

Do you need CRO?

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you need a CRO plan.

  • Do people arrive and then almost immediately leave your website?

  • Is your content, site structure, and user experience outdated?

  • Do people abandon the shopping cart at
    a high rate?

  • Do you want more leads and sales to
    increase profits?

This is how we do it

We collaborate with your internal team to deliver a rapid testing and optimization program. Our consulting and creative teams drive the conversion strategy, design and develop every test. You get an entire optimization team that knows what to test and how to drive results.




We perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis on your site and data to find what your visitors are paying attention to, what they are ignoring and where they are falling off to discover the key improvement areas to get you the biggest lift. Then develop a game plan to start testing.


Our expert UX/UI designers and conversion strategists will wire frame and design the key experiment ideas and strategies for maximum effectiveness and quality keeping your brand identity in tact. This is a crucial step to the success of an experiment idea and concept.




From design we move on to development. Our optimization certified developers code the test functionality and perform our 3 part quality assurance process. This ensures the test is performing as designed and works on multiple browsers and device types.

Reporting & Results

We watch for trends in the test data, in your analytics and in heatmap software to ensure the data is accurate. As results come in we report them to you and discover key findings, whether the experiment is a winner or loser that will inform future tests. We let the data backed by our experience be the guide for your improvement.


Our Conversion optimization Services

Our Search rewards are the best SEO company that leads to conversion rate optimization. With decades of experience in the field, our team has worked on some of the websites to increase conversion rates on home pages, landing pages, product pages and checkout processes. Search rewards have a unique service offering that cannot be found anywhere else in Coimbatore. Our best is to provide the fastest Conversion Rate Optimization in the online marketing strategy that is targeted at converting your website visitors into buyers. We comprise optimization of the clients business website to boost their conversions rate between your visitors to buyers. our service also involves improvement of user interface and experience as well as focuses on building their trust.

Our conversion rate optimization methodology

A/B Multivariate testing

Our experts run A/B and multivariate testing on our every client’s website, A/B testing of the business website is extremely essential to verify that it is delivering the complete user experience. We do optimize your website with A/B testing to make sure that there is no error related to its speed and to enhance the performance.


Our idea of increasing the conversion rate for our every client’s website, We go beyond increasing the traffic. Our experts understand this well and make the best traffic rate and conversions to our clients business. We do conduct a depth conversion funnel analysis, The purpose is to identify and improve our client’s website.

Landing page analyser

Our work on every landing page forms the most active element of CRO campaign. Our SEO experts analyze the relevant metrics and identify your strengths and challenges to design a complete landing page. We make sure that the page has usable content with eye-catching appeal and clear messaging to lead our clients business.

Expert Reviews

Our main goal will be to increase your Conversion Rate and Profit for each of our clients business to grow high. More than a CRO & Funnel Expert – we are looking for a CRO experts review to jump high on our client’s business for external growth, We do help our clients business to boost them by our CRO profit goals.

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